Exciting start to 2015

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Mar 17

Hello this is my new blog from my brand new website!

I’ve really been looking forward to getting stuck into the shows this year, there have been a few big changes which I’m really excited about. For me it’s all about keeping things fresh and interesting, not just for the audiences, but for me as well. With all of my shows being booked out so regularly it can sometimes be a big task to change the shows and stuff that really seems to be working well. Much to my manager Tony’s annoyance I like to mix things up all the time and constantly throw in some surprises.

It’s so nice that we see people so regularly throughout the year. Some people really make a big effort to travel to multiple shows and events and I really appreciate it. It’s so lovely to look out into the audience and see those familiar faces, so I would like to say thank you! [highlight style=”default”]You KNOW who you are![/highlight]

This year brings me to some new countries that I haven’t had opportunity to visit yet alongside some places which I really love. So far this year we will be travelling:

  • Across the entire UK
  • Multiple trips to Jersey which I love!
  • Ibiza
  • Turkey
  • Tenerife
  • Crete
  • And Egypt!

We will also be returning to all our favourite venues near and far and I’m really thrilled to be doing so many private events this year. It’s such an honor to be chosen to perform at peoples personal events, it means so much that you allow me to bring my show to your special day.

I hope that you will return to the blog which I hope to update regularly! I’ll try and keep you posted on things that are happening behind the scenes and mention sme of the shows that we are about to do and indeed some of the  shows that have already happened this year so far.

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See you soon,



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